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German Server Rack 42U G4-60842 (60x80x205) Two-Tone White-Gray Galvanize Steel Rack Cabinet View larger

German Server Rack 42U G4-60842 (60x80x205) Two-Tone White-Gray Galvanize Steel Rack Cabinet

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German Server Rack G4 42U 
60x80x205 cm.

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Product Features and Specification 19" German Server Rack 42U G4-60842 (60x80x205)

Equipment Type  19" Cabinet Server Rack   
Produced from  Electro-Galvanize Sheet Steel 
Castor  Made of Nylon Six; equipped on the 360 degree swivel
Pedestal  Made of black ABS ; freely adjustable 180 degree to suit the slope 
Security lock Security lock with Master Key. 
Dimension (WxDxH)  60 x 80 x 205 cm. 





 Product overview : 19" German Server Rack 42U G4-60842 (60x80x205)

  • Front Door is the steel frame with Acrylic 5.0 mm. and Luxury silver bronze Swivel Handle.
  • Rear Door is the steel door with Luxury silver bronze Swivel Handle and tetragon ventilation 50% if door's area to prevent the accumulated heat inside the cabinet to extend the life of all network equipments and servers.
  • Roof Cover can be mounted with various type of Single, Dual and Triple Fans and can also be changed to Vented Raised Roof Cover in option.
  • Manufactured to the standard of ANSI/EIA-310D-1992 (Rev.EIA-310C), IEC60297-1, IEC60297-2, BS5954 Part2, DIN 41494.
  • Modular Knock Down in order to be delivered conveniently.
  • Produced from Electro-Galvanize Sheet Steel with thickness of 1.5 mm. Mounting Pole, Frame Structure and Base made of 2.0 mm. Electro -galvanize Sheet Steel. Castor Base stand made of 3.0 mm. steel, 100% rust proof protection.
  • Mounting Pole were designed to be C-shape Angle in order to increase the strength. Punching of square mounting hole 7.0 x 7.0 mm. on both flange.They can be adjusted in/out freely to meet customer's needs.
  • Hinges is 19" Germany Export Rack products made of 3 pieces of high strength PVC, rusty and without any interfering noise. Reversibility Front and Rear Door by adjusting at one screw nut of hinge.
  • Side Panels are steel with two handles of 19" Germany Slide Latch on the top part in order to easily removable, Security lock with 19" Germany Master Key.
  • Base has the same width and deep of cabinet to fully supportive to all the weight. The bottom is three parts Plinth with slide shutter for cable entry and gray sponge to protect any trees-passing by animals, any kind of fan can be equipped there as well.
  • Pedestal was equipped with the castor base and is adjustable; by all of the 4 Pedestal's base made of black ABS and can be freely adjustable180 degree to suit the slope and protect all effects from static and earth leakage.
  • Castor made of back Nylon Six with the diameter of 50 mm; equipped on the 360 degree swivel that allow to be moving conveniently with capacity the static load 100 Kg/castor.
  • New Shine Light Gray Two-Tone color by Electro-Static Powder Coating paint.
  • Grounding with color stripe green and yellow copper wire 2.5 mm.; connecting between all removable part of Rack.
  • Screw Set compose of Screws, Captive nuts, plastic Washer; by each were coated with nickel and M6 thread system.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution by TIS/ISO 9001:2000 Company.